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Choosing a mediator – An imaginary dialogue between Gandalf and Prospero

by Amanda on January 10, 2008

An imaginary dialogue between Gandalf and Prospero on the question of mediators – criteria for appointment … and for reflection? by Amanda Bucklow, Commercial Mediator, London and Charles Middleton-Smith, Commerical Mediator, London

First published in the IBA Newsletter (Mediation) December 2007

Gandalf and Prospero: mythical men well acquainted with mindfulness and reflection on issues emerging from disputes, control, influence and risk, and also mediators. What might they say about the challenge of choosing a mediator to guide people to productive resolution and agreement?

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Wotan: Greetings from Valhalla, cousins.

What you’ve said seems self-evident. So why do we know it only in retrospect? Humans (and certain gods, speaking for myself) learn more from their own experience than that of others. Therefore the success that is synonymous with delivering value – in this case, a good mediation experience – is achievable by those appointors with a commitment to client service that gives them the courage to appoint mediators whose style is different to their own, or at least to the style stereotypically associated with the legal profession. Maybe the ideal appointors are those not just with courage, but with the humanity and optimism that they seek in the mediators they appoint!

[Pauses; thinks.]

Still, one could have success in a mediation despite a certain lack of insight in the appointors. After all, even a blind squirrel finds a few acorns. A few.


I have made the link clearer. Both work now. Thank you for your comments!


can't locate the rest of this piece Amanda! but good site.

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