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by Amanda on March 20, 2008

When I first began scoping my research project I spent a long time thinking about why mediators might be ‘excellent’ and ‘effective’. My proposition was that mediators play to their strengths and a good proportion of those strengths were linked to personal attributes and behaviours.

Whilst conducting the research and testing the proposition I met Dr Alex Linley. Our research interests coincided and we so shared our insights on strengths. I am extremely grateful to him for his support and input. I am a founder member of The Centre for Applied Positive Psychology and my interest in this field and how it relates to mediator competence has grown considerably over the last 3 years or so.

Alex has published many books and articles and his latest is out now. It is, in my view, highly relevant to the practice of mediation and I really recommend it to you. You can order it from

Average to A+: Realising strengths in yourself and others
Alex Linley, PhD
ISBN 978-1-906366-03-2

Alex Linley is a psychologist by training and a social entrepreneur by practice. Alex is the founder and Director of the Centre for Applied Positive Psychology (, a not-for-profit membership organisation, focused on the applications of strengths in organisations and schools, and Director of CAPP Press, the publishing arm of CAPP.

Alex’s social entrepreneurship is dedicated to the social applications of positive psychology through CAPP, together with active involvement and support for CAPP’s charity partners, HOPEHIV and The Other Half Project.


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