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Mediate early to reduce sickness and absence rates in the workplace

by Amanda on October 8, 2008

Personnel Today – Rise in workplace conflict set to cost businesses billions

A recent report Fight, flight or face it published jointly by OPP and the Chartered Institute of Personnel Development surveyed thousands of employees in nine countries across three continents, in businesses of all sizes and in all sectors. A second survey revealed the opinions of 660 HR professionals in the UK, allowing for a balanced employee/employer view on conflict.

The research  found:

54% of employees want managers to address underlying tensions before they escalate into conflict.
58% of employees who have had relevant training now look for win-win outcomes from a workplace conflict.
In countries where such training is more prevalent, positive outcomes from conflict are far more common.
27% of employees have seen disagreements involving personal attacks or insults.
16% have actually seen conflicts lead to people being fired.

Recent article in Personnel Today about the anticipated rise in workplace disputes as a result of the downturn in the global economy. Video comment by me on why it is good to engage a mediator early in the process.

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