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IQ, EQ and now PQ

by Amanda on June 2, 2009

Readers of my blog and articles will know that I mediate and train from a “strengths” perspective. This is the joy of mediation: we can each operate as a mediator in a way that uses the best of our talents and experience and the outcomes are good and different. It is also the reason why I write so frequently about not putting mediation skills into a box too early in the development of the profession. I know 25 years might seem a long time but in truth it is a nanosecond in terms of understanding what we do and how we do it well. I am reminded of something that made a great impression on me when I learned it:  95% of our understanding of the brain has come from research undertaken in the last 10 years. Positive psychology is a result of that research.

What “working from strengths” means to my practice is that I try and find the strengths of all the people in the mediation room and support them in doing what they can do best so they can win. Winning means different things to different people.

magnum-pqOne of the leaders in the field of strengths is Dr Alex Linley. he has developed a new and very entertaining test to decide your Pleasure Quotient.  Magnum Ice Cream have packaged the test into an interactive web site experience. It is fun, the site is visually gorgeous and the test is based on pioneering research. FAB. Don’t be taken in by the fun element. This is a serious piece of work and I find it very clever indeed. See what you think.  Off to buy my Magnum now… and then I’ll tell you why I think strengths are so important for your business.

My thanks to Des O’Dowd for sharing the link.

Jo Jordan
Jo Jordan

What is supposed to happen? Found the link below the fold after a lot staring, then waited, fiddled with my mouse? Eh?


Jo, you either have to wait for the intro to load and then click the "take the PQ test" button or click "skip intro" before doing the same.

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