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This is what it feels like on a great day…

by Amanda on June 21, 2009

I had a couple of calls this week from would-be mediators who wanted to know if I could help them decide whether they would be a good mediator or not. As I am working on a self-selection process at the moment, it is very much in my mind.

I believe that mediation should be open to anyone who has the inclination, tenacity and patience to apply themselves to developing the skills and self-awareness. I also believe that in the absence of a strong support network for newly trained mediators, it is essential that people have access to some guidance on whether they have a good chance of being a successful mediator. Good training is an investment and that is only the start. Most mediators should count on 3 – 4 year to build a practice.

Then someone sent a link to an amazing video of Danny MacAskill “doing his stuff”. As I watched it, I was asking myself, “how would anyone know that that guy was going to be that good at that? Not just good but masterful. The answer that came into my head was “passion, commitment to practice, persistence and personal risk taking. They seem pretty much what you need to have if you are going to be a great mediator. See if you agree.

Don’t miss essential (mediator) skills such as

  • back-pedaling (!)
  • bridging the gap
  • holding steady
  • momentum
  • treading a fine line

For me, this is also a wonderful metaphor for what it feels like when you know you are on your game.

Watch it alone and turn up the volume because the music is really great.

Great camera work and equally great editing.

Thanks to Valeria Maltoni at Conversation Agent for spotting it.

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