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by Amanda on July 8, 2009

I had just finished a breakfast meeting with an Italian lawyer and a colleague of mine in the beautiful town of Asolo. My colleague had a client meeting in another town close by. It was such a glorious morning I decided I would stay for a while and get a taxi to meet up with her later.

Wandering around the town with no particular purpose other than to ‘see’ was a real treat. Finally, and whilst enjoying a  cappuccino under the cool shade of trees in the town square, I asked the young waitress if she would call a taxi for me to go to Liedolo, a small village about 15 minutes drive away.  She told me with vivid delight that she lived in Liedolo and she bounced off to get my bill and to call a taxi.

When she returned she looked very unhappy. There was not a single taxi available in the town or indeed anywhere nearby. This was a problem! I asked her if there was a bus. Yes, there was but it would mean traveling in the opposite direction for quite a distance, changing twice and it would probably take me about 2 hours. That would make me late for the next meeting. Big problem.

The only alternative to a taxi!

Looking for alternative transport

As I was thinking about alternatives and making a move towards the bus stop being the only viable option at that stage, she came running after me with a huge smile on her face: she had some news for me. She said that her mother was coming to get me and would drive me back to Liedolo. She would be here in about 10 minutes and would I please take a seat. As you might imagine, I was completely silenced by this extraordinary turn of events. Most of all, I was moved by the obvious joy on this young girl’s face that she had found a solution to a problem which was not hers.

As I chatted to my impromptu taxi driver, I learned that the family owned a restaurant in Liedolo which specialises in starters and deserts (no main courses). She told me about their special homemade tagliatelle with prosciutto, fresh melon and mascarpone cheese.

It was an easy decision to have dinner there one evening before I left! On Sunday evening in the shade of vines, we feasted on black risotto with peppers and pancetta followed by the tagliatelle special, then the finest lasagna (almost like filo) with fresh basil pesto, carpaccio of swordfish and gnocchi with rocket and cashew nuts. What was really enjoyable was that she didn’t give us a menu, she just looked at us and decided what we might like. Bliss!

So, if you are ever traveling through the Veneto valley and you see a sign to Liedolo, please take the time to feast at Primi Piatti da Sandro, Via San Lorenzo Di Liedolo, 38, San Zenone Degli Ezzelini (TV). They are open for lunch and dinner, Tuesday to Sunday, closed on Monday. And do tell them that Amanda sent you.

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