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by Amanda on December 11, 2009

Cafe Mediate is a new venture masterminded by Tammy Lenski as a virtual meeting place where we can muse over the issues that are important to the development of mediation. As Diane Levin, our co conspirator put it – a place where conversation and not caffeine is the stimulant.

We had our first transatlantic coffee together last night and talked about value based billing. The recording of our thoughts and ideas can be heard on a podcast that Tammy has prepared at Cafe Mediate. Needless to say, we have more questions than answers and we hope others will join the conversation. Cafe-Mediate-Podcast

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Diane Levin
Diane Levin

Amanda, I really enjoyed this conversation. You're simply outstanding - a deeply insightful and wise contributor to a very stimulating discussion. Makes me wish that we all lived much closer so we could do this in person!

Tammy Lenski
Tammy Lenski

It was great fun to launch this with you, Amanda! Here's to many more compelling and inspirational conversations.

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