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Zen and the mediation client experience – after John Harrington photographer

by Amanda on December 12, 2009

I am a keen photographer and consequently I follow a number of photographers through RSS and Twitter. Today I came across a great blog post Zen and the mediation client experience by John Harrington based in Washington DC and one of the best photojournalists around today. In his post he makes some very lucid points about the business side of photography which to my mind have equal relevance to mediators.

I love the way he has described the client side of the relationship:

There are five Zen-like stages that your clients go through during the entire process:

1. Anticipation
2. Trepidation
3. Inspection
4. Fulfillment
5. Evaluation

Following a conversation I had last night with Tammy Lenski and Diane Levin in our new virtual conversation venue Cafe Mediate, we were talking about fee structures and value based charging (recording now available), so this struck a chord in continuing that conversation.

See what you think. Read his post.


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