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Training and learning – mediation skills

by Amanda on December 29, 2009

learning how to ...

I am seeing such a lot of theoretical mediation skills training around. Before you know it, there will be written exams with multiple choice questions added to the dominant use of voluminous PowerPoint presentations.

I thought it might be good to remind people that in mediation skills training the most important outcome is a change in behaviour.

Here is a great definition of training and learning provided by Mike Morrison which makes an important distinction very clear:

Two definitions – training and learning
Training is the conscious and planned process of transferring knowledge, skills and attitudes to others.
The concept of transfer here is critical, as is the element of planning.

Learning is the processing and assimilation of what we hear, see or experience that alters or improves our knowledge, skills and attitudes.
The combination of knowledge, skills and attitudes is behaviour. If someone trains us, or we learn something new or different, it is our behaviour that is affected.

If our behaviour is changed, we have learnt something.

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