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Patience, preparation – it’s worth the effort! Recipe for truly indulgent hot chocolate

by Amanda on January 2, 2010

After the first sip

I tested the recipe on a friend who challenged me to make a hot chocolate she would like!

The only link with mediation I can think of for this one is “preparation”!

This recipe takes a little time and the right ingredients. For anyone with a cold, the chili and cinnamon will help you feel better!

  • Measure out a cup of organic milk. Pour into a small sauce pan.
  • Add a bay leaf, 10 black pepper corns slightly crushed/bruised, half a fresh chili, half a cinnamon stick and a few drops of real vanilla essence.
  • Bring to the boil and turn off the heat. Leave for an hour to cool. Strain. Put milk back into pan.
  • Add 75g of really good quality dark chocolate and allow to melt. Using a small whisk, blend well. Heat to just below boiling – do not allow to boil. If it is not like thick cream add more chocolate.
  • Pour into small cup (there should be enough for at least two) or one big cup if you are not in sharing mode.
  • Sit somewhere where you will not be disturbed. Sip slowly and wait for the grin to appear. Notice that the gentle heat from the chili builds slowly with each sip.
  • DO NOT get on the scales for at least a week afterwards.

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