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Conflict resolution is also …

by Amanda on May 20, 2010

… one of the hidden powers of humanity – if you can gather a room full of people who WANT to make a breakthrough, have open minds and hearts, and, provide the right catalysts to stir up all that desire and create an atmosphere of trust by the power of their own passion, you can move a lot of mountains (and even convert a lot of skeptics). Terry Starbucker on the recent SOBCon2010

I saw this quote and thought how well it also describes the best experience of mediation and creative problem solving.

Terry Starbucker is a founder of SOBCon (Successful and Outstanding Bloggers Conference) together with Liz Strauss.  Liz is one of our speakers at the Mediation Business Summit.

Liz wrote a great post with Sally Hogshead about being “Good Greedy in a Good Way For Your Brand”. Well worth stopping by her blog to read about engaging with people who make you feel like growing.

Put “finding people who make you feel like growing” together with “open minds and hearts and the power of their own passion” and you have something of a recipe for ‘breakthrough’.


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