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The challenge for ADR professionals is the business of ADR

by Amanda on June 2, 2010

The challenge for many ADR professionals is that offering your services is a business. The assumption for many is that if I hang out a shingle, they will come….NOT. The advice is to get real clear about who your target audience is, and that is NOT everyone, and what you are specifically offering. Then think through what your marketing strategy will be to target your referral sources. You might very well need to invest in a good business coach to get you focused.

Great advice from Pattie Porter in a recent interview with Tammy Lenski on Making Mediation your Day Job.  Pattie is a seasoned ADR professional who has made friends with social media and built a successful business in this increasingly competitive field. Do read the rest of the interview for some really helpful clues as to how Pattie has made her mark in the field of conflict coaching. The profile is part of a series that Tammy has started called “success leaves clues” and I look forward to the next one.

If you are interested in other tips and advice on building a business including great advice from many top business coaches then sign up for our Mediation Business Summit teleconference in September, the first of it’s kind and will be hosted by Tammy and me. Whether you are a mediator, arbitrator, collaborative lawyer, coach or trainer, you are bound to find some really valuable signposts on how to develop your unique business.


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