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Remembering a giant: David Shapiro on ‘rottweilers’ in mediation

by Amanda on October 1, 2012

You know how it is… when you want to find something it is nowhere and then you find it when you are not looking.

This video was recorded in February 2009. It features David Shapiro who many ‘old mediators’ in the UK will remember as a character, a pioneer, indeed an important player in the development of mediation in this jurisdiction. Not everyone could adopt his approach: it was born of a remarkable career which sparkled with ‘legal firsts’. He definitely had his own style which was widely appreciated. He took part in my research and as I recall his was the longest interview lasting some two and a half hours! He was often mentioned in interviews with other participants underlining the regard in which he was held by his colleagues.

In this clip he talks about ‘rottweilers’ in mediation and his words are very relevant for old hands and newcomers alike.

It is strange that I should find it today because today is the anniversary of his death on 1 October 2009. Serendipity?

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