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Mediation Mashup

I am passionate about putting mediation into the heart of business and organisations. If we do a good job in this regard then we should be aiming to make ourselves redundant! Dare we dream to be so? There seem to be so many aspects to effective mediation services that I thought I would like to bring some of those into the mainstream. For example, years ago, I was considered a bit left field because I believed strongly that neuroscience and psychology had a very important role to play in the development of mediation. Today that is not such an unusual proposition. So what are the equivalents today?

This page is the mediation version of a mashup and will feature guest bloggers who are not necessarily mediators but who bring something interesting to the development of mediation through their contributions. Communication, leadership, psychology, social media, and other relevant and tangendental areas of expertise and thinking for mediation users and mediators.

Watch this space…