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The BA dispute and mediation – get on with it!

May 21, 2010

Tweet Today was a good day for mediation in the UK. Today was not a good day for BA customers especially those with travel plans from Heathrow to a European destination next Friday. I am one of them. The Court of Appeal decision handed down today may have been a bit of a surprise for [...]

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Conflict resolution is also …

May 20, 2010

Tweet … one of the hidden powers of humanity – if you can gather a room full of people who WANT to make a breakthrough, have open minds and hearts, and, provide the right catalysts to stir up all that desire and create an atmosphere of trust by the power of their own passion, you [...]

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Mediators and other conflict resolution professionals – How to grow your ADR practice

May 16, 2010

Tweet Fellow mediator and conflict resolution professional Tammy Lenski and I will co-chair the first Mediation Business Summit between 16 and 18 September 2010. We have a phenomenal line up of top flight business, social media and marketing professionals from inside and outside the dispute resolution field. Their experience and advice will be delivered over [...]

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The UK Mediation Market – Civil and Commercial Mediations double in 2 years

May 16, 2010

Tweet The Centre for Effective Dispute Resolution (CEDR) has just published it’s 4th mediation audit for the UK market. The audit confirms the trend I had sensed nearly two years ago that mediation users are increasingly appointing individual mediators directly rather than using the services of mediation providers and panels. The report says For individual [...]

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A role for mediation in our new parliament

May 12, 2010

Tweet I have been watching the negotiations following our elections with great interest. The potential for politicians to work together in the interests of the country is an exciting prospect if one dares to hope they will do what they say they want to do. There was a significant wobble in my enthusiasm during most [...]

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Conflict Resolution Skills: Development Starts in Childhood.

May 4, 2010

Tweet I found this terrific interview by Katie Couric of CBS News with Ellen Galinsky on a new book about life skills for children called Mind in the Making: The Seven Essential Life Skills Every Child Needs. Happily, the ability to resolve conflict is included (you will find the reference at about 32 minutes). It [...]

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Mediation Certification – another view

May 3, 2010

Tweet I really look forward to preparing for and participating in our Cafe Mediate podcasts because it makes me re-view my assumptions and opinions especially those I may have previously given a lot of thought to and even written or spoken about. I really look forward to “meeting up” with my colleagues on line and [...]

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Is mediation now a commodity?

April 15, 2010

Tweet I started my professional life in zinc metal production and metals trading. Special High Grade zinc which was a minimum 99.995% pure and it was the same if it was made in Canada, Belgium, Poland, China or Australia. Standardized and certified. The fun was in finding new ways to use the metal and trading [...]

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Cafe Mediate: Mediation Training and Preparation

February 26, 2010

Tweet The latest in our “caffeinated conversations” Mediator Training and Preparation can be found at the following locations: Mediation training and preparation podcast page Subscribe in iTunes Subscribe via RSS Subscribe via email Podcast site for all episodes and subscription options Thanks to Diane, Tammy, Jeff and Vickie for a great conversation which could have lasted [...]

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If you can’t talk, and you can’t train then I guess you will have to shoot them?

February 25, 2010

Tweet Does the Patriot Act Violate Free Speech? This short radio article which I found on the NPR web site brings to light a very important question in how far any government should take security measures before they become fundamentally self-defeating and destructive. The text of the article is available here. The essence of the [...]

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